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Knitter’s Block

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve have time to write a blog post! It’s amazing how each day can get so full and suddenly so much time has passed.

Recently I’ve been doing lots of “research and development” aka downloading plenty of patterns and imagining new ones.

For one yarn, however, I am stuck. What should I do with it? It’s a soft acrylic in a beautiful shade of purple. I had originally begun a wrap with the yarn, but the pattern and the yarn do not work well together.



Until the perfect pattern comes along, I suppose I’ll be here with this wonderful yarn, continuing my “research”.


Best of luck in all of your projects!

2 thoughts on “Knitter’s Block

  1. Oh Amy, I know what you mean, life just moves so fast and there are always so many things to do! And now it’s summer with the vegetable garden and canning season is coming soon. I’ve had very little time to knit or crochet, let alone stop to gather my thought and write a blog post.

    That color is lovely, you’ll find something for it I’m sure!

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