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Brick Stitch Dishcloth

Hello everyone! Hopefully you’re all enjoying a wonderful start/middle/end of your day.

Today’s featured product began as an unceasing desire to experiment. Have you ever had an idea that refused to leave your mind? Perhaps there was something you wanted to draw or paint, or a recipe you couldn’t wait to try. What was the source of your creativity?

For this knitter, ideas are often inspired by images, and this stitch pattern was no exception.

With designs incorporating this beautiful stitch swirling through my mind, I came up with the basic, yet beautiful Brick Stitch Dishcloth.


Once I knew that the Brick Stitch would be incorporated into a dishcloth, the next question was colour. These two are a delightful pairing, no?


Not only did the colours lend themselves beautifully to the pattern, but my yarn stash contained these colours in acrylic yarns – perfect for use in a dishcloth.


After the finishing touches were added, this dishcloth was ready to be fashionably functional!


Who’s ready to wash some dishes (or not)!

Enjoy the rest of your day,



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